beats by dre cheap

Deep Inside You

Deep inside you
I may have left a trace of light
in the night between the walls
even all the good people
and all of those that you know
and the getaway from loneliness
in which you hide
when desperation brakes out
are barely enough
in front of the cruel power
final and ultimate
deep inside you
passions are braking
what remained
and what doesn’t exist
longing for death
desire for survival
craving for freedom
and will to bow to destiny
like on a palm
deep inside you
thousands of drummers
fanfares from distance
half-mast flags
who are you crying for my love
black omens on your darling’s face
downcast in words
for once in a lifetime
I will let a man of cold grasp and steel look
capture me

30/05/2017 05:29