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May 7 2017

Last year on this day I have moved from my birth city Sarajevo to Arizona. Time flies when you are having fun, or it just flies faster with aging. However, since last year May 7 I have shared so many exciting places mostly with one of my best friends, someone without whose support nothing would be the same, my partner in crime Mat Dry. Certainly one of a kind creature and a person that has a heart size of the galaxy, someone who is so easy to love with a full heart. <3 I have squeezed in this year trips to California, Huntington Beach, Disneyland, Utah and Bryce & Zion Canyons, exploring food of the rustic small town Panguitch, experiencing force of the space at Meteor Crater, three times visiting one of the worlds wonders Grand Canyon and sharing it with my dear brother and my amazing redhair hero Sandra Sladakovic. Hiking to the weirdest forest of Arizona- Petrified Forest, have been trying Caribbean food at Albuquerque, looked for aliens at Roswell, New Mexico. Hiking inside of the amazing Carlsbad Caverns, and having a first row tickets for the millions bat sunset dance at the entrance of the caverns. Checking out what has inspired creators of the Martian movie at the Biosphere 2 in southern part of Arizona. Rafting almighty Colorado and sharing a life changing experience with a 2016-17 Humphrey Fellows, exploring history of Arizona at Prescott, finding the oldest restaurant in AZ. I got to hang out with a local animals in Florida, alligators' are just about everywhere, especially in amazing Everglades. Comparing western and eastern coasts of Florida, merging to the art lifestyle of Miami. Being hosted and embraced by Mat's BF Rola and his gorgeous wife Galit Freedman.Getting finally to meet one of the best writers that live in the New York City, Jessamyn Hope, and seeing Big Apple from authentic perspective of the locals. Doing National Monuments marathon with Fellows, conquering Canyon De Chelly, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon in only 48 hours. And testifying to the magnificent flexibility of the human body by being exposed to the colors, music and dance moves of the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas... A lot to put in one year? I would still say that a way more is in front of me and us. I am grateful that I also got to became a part of the ASU, and got to experience perspective on HHH program from the other angle, working and making things become real together with Claire and Dr. Bill. And certainly I am so grateful to have amazing friends Brian, Christy, Seidi, Jennifer, Jen, Hayden, Dan, Sam, Anne, Ashley, Lily, Casidy and many others here too that have embraced me with completely open hearts and arms. And I found also a second family- Dry family made me feel as an important part of it. And it is such a huge privilege. I do miss my mom a lot. I miss to have a morning coffee with her,I miss to see her laughing and being happy, I miss my cousin and her gorgeous daughters. I miss seeing them growing up and discovering world. And I miss a lot my Bosnian friends, from that perspective year seems as a too long time not to see them. Tnx to the Social Media I am everyday involved in their lives, celebrating their happiness and being frustrated with their life obstacles. I just yesterday missed weeding of one of my bets friends Tomislava and she certainly have found an amazing guy who understands how unique and special create she is, and just seeing them shine even thought the Viber or FB makes my heart bigger. I miss having our famous “kafa utorkom” in Izlog or to go to the theater shows and enjoy magic crated by of one the best actors and very special friend my dear Mario. But I guess it is impossible to have it all and to be everywhere at the same time. I know that future holds a lots of travels shared with my Bosnian and USA fiends. My USA friends certainly need to explore and discover beauty of Sarajevo and Balkans, and my Bosnian friends should come here and let me be their guide now that I have discovered soo many places to visit and explore. Love you all and thank you all for being a very part in my life journey!

07/05/2017 17:49