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What love is...?

What is love? Watched, for a second time movie "Maleficent" in one of the airplanes, on a long journey from Nairobi all the way to my birth place Sarajevo, and this movie made me think about very banal question, pretty much exploited and miss used in a various ways, which is present all the time through this movie: "Is there something called a real love"? Well... it all depends on one thing: what do we consider as a real love..? Is that a trashy, pathetic brain washing story which we get from early childhood, such as prince charming riding a white horse, solving all our problems, saving us even when we are not meant to be saved etc..? Or is it actually something completely else, much more real, concrete, and maybe scary... Real love does exist but in a completely different form then what we would think should be... Maybe love is actually: -being inpatient to share opinions and argue or discuss with someone you care for about some theater play or movie, or any other experience recently seen together... -admiration of the fire inside of the eyes of the beloved one when they talk passionately about things they love, knowing that their passion will teach you how to see world from completely new perspective... -silent support given to each other when we fight our inside wars against our fears... -being there for someone even if they are not capable to be there at the time for you, knowing that you could always count on them for the same kind of support... -discovering new places, stories, sky colors, sounds, food tastes, life conditions together with curiosity rather then fear of being far away from the personal comfort zones... -not being afraid to be open and honest even if that would be hard and challenging... -having enough trust and belief to try not to be afraid to be the worst version of yourself, when you feel you are falling apart knowing that person near you will actually appreciate your soul nakedness instead of running away from it... -knowing to appreciate some ones wenus ;) -not be scared, ashamed or afraid to say "I love you" any time you feel you want to share that feeling... -knowing how to love and appreciate some ones freedom same way you need it for yourself, without being forced to loose your strong bond and close connection... -aiming to make laugh your love whenever you can knowing that is one of the most important things you want to share together... -and yes to remind your love of spiders wearing raindrops on their heads like hats...:) and yes this all still can sound maybe pathetic, but in a real world is all but not simple, superficial or usual. But it is love... and it does exist... in completely different form than what we do expect usually.. PS. wenus 1. the skin on your elbow 2. a word use for freaking someone out by making them think youre talking about something else when you say wenus: Your wenus is huge! Wanna see my wenus? Cover up your wenus, for the love of god! My wenus is all wrinkly. My wenus can stretch really far. I have TWO wenuses!

29/12/2014 17:47