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I feel same...

Most people in Sarajevo have this dilemma - to leave the city as fast as they can and go anywhere else, or to stay here forever, and it varies with the same intensity and emotional force as the uncompromising love or disdain and hate one can feel for Sarajevo itself. However, when speaking about the hate Sarajevans may feel towards Sarajevo, it is too strong a word to denote something that is nothing more than exhaustion from something that seems to have no end, and the beginning has been long forgotten. Any future Sarajevo will be like a giant jigsaw puzzle, whose dispersed pieces may take years or decades to put together for it to resemble something recognisable. Each one of us (and here I mean those who care about the jigsaw puzzle) should try to preserve their own piece of the puzzle and wait, or rather work on replacing the waiting with action, and accelerate the moment when a true picture of Sarajevo will start to come together – not the same as before, but rather its variation. Better or worse – no one can know that. Karim Zaimovic

14/05/2014 09:21