Provukla se kroz gužvu naizgled lako (kao da se priseća polke?) gaseći cipelicama neke zamišljene pikavce na podnom mozaiku, ali ja sam znao kako joj teško pada tih par koraka ka meni...


Something about memory in general

"Human memory. The greatest cheat of all. My memories vanish.. It is the sly process that will eventually reduce our tragedy to the level of the bearable, although we all know it was unbearable.

The entire war, all that we have been through, has been reduced to a few images: an odd mortar round, a bit of hunger, a few art exhibitions, a few water queues, a few massacres, and that's that..."

Ozren Kebo
"Sarajevo a beginners guide"


Hand Grenade

"There is a boy in my building who earned himself the nickname Hand Grenade, just because he failed to specify correctly the calibre of projectile that hit the back yard five minutes earlier. he said it was a hand grenade, and it was, in fact, an 85-milimetre mortar round.

That's how nicknames are earned in Sarajevo these days.

That's how children are growing up in Sarajevo these days. Every little girl in Sarajevo has had more baptisms by fire than Rambo. That is why they display extraordinary caution when watching movies of their reality. Two little boys, as they stroll down the street:

-Who do you support?
-In war or in football?"

Ozren Kebo
"Sarajevo a beginners guide"



"-Well, the city is not badly damaged as I thought it would be.

So, they will never understand this.

Is it worth explaining that there is no room for disappointment,
that there really have been dreadful days, horrible weeks, disastrous months, and hopeless winters?
if you start explaining, you will end up arguing. And then fighting. And everyone will pour their own misfortune onto another person. And thus intolerance grows among people who love each other but do not necessarly understand each other.

Ivan Lovrenovic says: " After this war, Sarajevans will be identified by their surplus of silence and dignity."

What an exhilarating and unreachable ideal. Silence as an expression of experience that cannot be recounted. That escapes any attempt to be defined. Dignity as the result of a difficult realization: knowing something others don't know and being aware of the fact that this advantage only make sense for as long as one is silent about it. This requires the kind of comprehension where inner pleasure is the only reward one strives towards. But this is for the Brahmin, not for Sarajevans. Our endless wisdom is not the result of choice of maturity, but rather of necessity. Great necessity."

Ozren Kebo

"Sarajevo a beginners guide"
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